Hi, my name is Claire, I grew up in KZN where I attended a beautiful, all-girls school in Kloof and it was there that my quirky science teacher got me interested in a career in science. I went on to study for 12 years finally obtaining a PhD in Biochemistry in 2013, specializing in Malaria research, development of transmission-blocking malaria-drug screening assays and three-dimensional cell culture.

I am married to Johann, a veterinarian and the owner of a large 5-vet practice in Pretoria. I can safely say that between the two of us we have worn every manner of lab coat and scrubs set available (I am also the self-proclaimed champion at removing unknown stains from scrubs – vets have a D.I.R.T.Y job). As many of you reading this are in the medical field your professional frustrations are well known to us as well as the joys that keep you going back for more.

Signatures Scrubs is not a big, impersonal apparel company; I personally process and pack every order; I’m also more than happy to walk you through the process of choosing the perfect set, colour and size of scrubs – just pop me a mail and we can chat. Thank you for supporting my dream so that I can make you look good while you pursue yours!